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About me.
My name is Oliviero, and I live with my family in a quiet industrial town situated in the middle of the Lessini mountains (at the Dolomiti's feet, otherwise called Prealps). The town is called Arzignano. Arzignano is in Vicenza's province, which is in the Veneto region. From here, driving for about one hour, you can reach Venice, the most beautiful town in the world or the Garda Lake, the biggest lake we have in Italy. You can also reach Asiago, a well-known tourist place situated in our Prealps, about 1000 meters on the sea level.

Arrivederci presto!
A la prochaine!
See you soon!

Look at my Town

Il Passo 8 CineClub di Arzignano

I Crodaioli di Arzignano

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